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Our state of the art Mktg4theFuture® social media marketing and online reputation management program can be used for a variety of tasks. To see how you can utilize this product for your company see the details below. Email us at to receive a free 48 hour trial of our product. You can get consumer insights and in depth analytics like a way never before. See below for a few ways to utilize MKtg4thefuture API for your company, product, or organization.

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Lead Generation

Millions of people are talking about products and companies in social media every single day. Do you know what they are saying about your products and services? It has been scientifically proven that people trust peer recommendations more than brand messages! So how can you take advantage of this fact? Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics helps you pin point people that say negative things about your competition or who say things like “I’m looking for [insert what you’re selling here]”. You can then engage them right from Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics, share content with them and get them into your sales funnel. It’s simple and effective as well as easy to understand no matter what your computer experience.

Customer Service

A customer whose problem you solved becomes more satisfied than a customer who never had a problem. Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics tracks social sites in real time (including Facebook and Twitter) for negative and positive remarks about your company or products. You can instantly see what problems people have and how influential they are. Then you can engage them right from Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics to let them know you’re solving their problems. With the Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics real time dashboard, there are no more excuses to not listen to your customers.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management has become a huge must have in today’s marketing environment. Managing your online Reputation means more sales, more word of mouth, more satisfied customers and more potential investors. Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics helps you be on top of negative and positive mentions of your company, from influential people. Our real-time monitoring means you’ll always know what’s going on in time to fix the issues and grow your positive image on social media.

Influencer Outreach

Influencers are the new media messengers for brands and companies. Some have tremendous reach and have built strong relationships with thousands, if not millions of followers you want to connect with. They also have more influence on people in their communities than traditional media outlets have had. But who are these influencers? Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics makes it easy to zero in on who the influencers are in your market and gives you the tools to interact with them straight from Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics. (Integrated Klout API)

Community Engagement

Fans and followers on your Facebook Page & Twitter account expect to be listened to and engaged with. They have incredible power to spread your message to their friends like never before. Whether you’re posting status updates, want to respond to comments or even share useful content, Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics helps you keep your communities engaged and happy. You know you’re doing a good job when with just a few clicks, the Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics can help track your solid growth in followers and community engagement. This allows you to focus on what you do but also provides you with reports to see your effectiveness on social media.

Inbound & Integrated Marketing

Whatever marketing channel you’re using, social media can help amplify your results and tracking. Whether you’re building relevant content, running email marketing campaigns or even driving people to your funnel through ads, social media can help spread your message and reach to more people. Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics makes it easy to understand which of your content pieces spread most, who are the influential people sharing it and what sites and communities are most engaged with your marketing communications. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily increase your marketing bang for your buck. Stay informed on your companies social presence and see how well you are engaging others.

Customer & Market Insights

Getting the correct customer and market insights can make the difference between successful and failing marketing and sales. Social media is outstanding at identifying the top issues and opinions of people about your market. Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics saves you time and effort in identifying what people are talking about, what the negative and positive topics and where people are discussing about your market the most. This information is priceless when planning your next marketing campaign or budgeting your marketing dollars.

Brand and Product Protection across the social web

Want to protect your brand or product across the web? Simply plug your keyword “Your Company Name” into our system and you may be surprised as to what you find.

You don’t have to only monitor your brand or product name…

Good Keywords include:

  • your company
  • your products
  • your competitors
  • your industry
  • your clients
  • your name
  • other events that are important to you (campaigns or marketing launches, possible PR crises) and even customer support or lead segmentation – you name it!

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