Social Media Case Study for Sentricon Authorized Operators

The Sentricon® System Has Gone Social

By Melanie Romanaux, Somedia Solutions

Has your company started using social media to increase sales, improve brand recognition and provide superior customer service? We can help social media work even better for you.

Social media has worked well for several Authorized Operators (AOs), so we’ve decided to step into the social world to get better connected and share information with you and your fans. The Sentricon® System is active on Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+® and Pinterest®. The information you find on Sentricon is created with you and your customers in mind and is meant to be shared.

The next step in our social media strategy will be to produce a regular blog on topics that will benefit your customers who are using Sentricon — and those who should be using Sentricon.

Social media is just that — media (photos, videos, articles) that are created to be social (shared, retweeted, repinned), and it all starts with content. If you’re using social media to connect with your existing customers and prospective customers, you need to be sure that you’re consistently sharing information that is literally remarkable. The more people who “Like,” comment, share or retweet your information, the farther your brand will reach. Also, the more you engage with other local businesses and national brands, the more likely your brand is to be seen and remembered. The idea is not only to post great information for your fans, but also to start and participate in conversations — on your own page and on others’.

Coming up with original content on a regular basis can be hard, but it’s easy to share content that others have published. Connect with Sentricon on the social networks you’re using, and join in our conversation. Go ahead, share our stuff! Your fans will appreciate it, and you won’t have to spend so much time trolling the Web for information about termites. The Sentricon® System has a steady flow of valuable content, and accessing it is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. “Like” Sentricon on Facebook.
  2. See our posts continuously appear on your company’s news feed or on our page.
  3. Use the “share” button to share posts with your fans.

We hope to be an example for you in the world of social media, and we are striving to connect with every one of you. Whenever you mention Sentricon in the content that you create for your fans, be sure to tag our Twitter handle or Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ pages, so that your fans can discover and find out more about the product you’re selling. Conversely, we’ll be paying attention to your pages and sharing the information that you post when appropriate, as well as commenting on your posts to boost your visibility and overall engagement.

If you’d like to find out more about social media or how to tag Sentricon, please contact Somedia Solutions on Facebook or Twitter.

Social Media Clicks for Arizona AO


Arizona Pest Control’s Facebook page was originally created to see the effect it would have on search engine optimization, a way to help the company generate more online leads.

“Even if no one became a fan, I thought it would still be worthwhile due to the search optimization advantages of having a profile on a social site,” says Caleb Tennenbaum, who heads the marketing efforts for the pest control company in Tucson. “At the time, I didn’t realize how profound the social media revolution would become.”

Arizona Pest Control’s online presence has since grown. With more than 1,800 Facebook followers, the company now utilizes Twitter, Google+ and a company blog to communicate and connect with its customers.

“More than 90 percent of the leads we’re getting today are from the Internet,” says Bruce Tennenbaum, owner of Arizona Pest Control and Caleb’s dad.

Also growing are their customers who use the Sentricon® System. Since June 2011, sales of Sentricon have increased by 56 percent. “Without a doubt, social media has helped raise product awareness for Sentricon,” Caleb Tennenbaum says. “It’s also giving the company’s sales force the competitive edge they need to sell more Sentricon.”

It’s important to educate customers on the benefits of the Sentricon® System, Tennenbaum says, before your company starts discussing the product during a service call. “If your company’s not advertising and promoting the products you sell on Facebook or Twitter, then it’s making your employees’ job harder,” he says. “You’re making it more difficult for your employees to sell the value of Sentricon.”

He also recommends taking advantage of and all of the detailed information available to consumers.

“That website makes it easy for AOs to educate a potential customer on Sentricon,” Tennenbaum says. “Sending out a tweet a day about Sentricon with a link to the site can go a long way. It also can help increase product awareness for your company.”

Tennenbaum owns Marketing for the Future and currently works with seven pest control companies across the country; four are Authorized Operators.

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