Customer Lobby Gets Thumbs Up from MKTG4THEFUTURE as Premier Online Review Site

Customer Lobby Get Thumbs Up from MKTG4THEFUTURE as Premier Online Review Site


Customer lobby stands heaps and bounds in front of their competitors when it comes to the online review market place. They offer a free to use, user friendly, online review service for customers to go online and write about experiences they have had with local companies. All  the customer reviews are verified by Customer Lobby via email or with phone call. Lobby charges businesses $99.00 and $149.00 per month to be a part of the website (depending on the business plan you choose) and they allow the business to own all of the reviews on their page. The more expensive package that they have offers businesses the option to turn in hand written reviews in addition to the online and phone call reviews that the $99.00 package offers. They also provide great resources to help your company acculturate positive reviews in a timely manner.

Another neat feature about customer lobby is you can automatically publish your reviews to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which is always handy in the current marketing environment.

There are many other benefits that customer lobby offers to prospective businesses. All of your lobby reviews are syndicated through a customer lobby network of sites including CityGrid, Yellowbot, Google, and more. This makes it easy to keep your reviews in one easy to manage location, while still spreading them across various review sites on the world wide web.

Another huge benefit of Customer Lobby is similar to some of the benefits that Angie’s List review site has to offer. Although customers have to pay to be a part of Angie’s List, it’s still a viable review site option for companies across the United States and one of our other favorite review sites. One of the main reasons that online review sites like Customer Lobby, and Angie’s List are such vital tools for businesses is because not only do they give the consumer insight into what others are saying but they also provide quality control capabilities. If a customer has a bad experience then you, as a owner, are going to want to hear about it and that is exactly what these sites allow you to do. Take advantage of these websites and you will be surprised at some of the responses you get. Some will be good. Some will be bad. The important thing is you are there to make your company better and spread the word about your superior product or service.


  1. Customer Lobby
  2. Angie’s List
  3. Google + Places

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