5 simple ways to gain blog subscribers and become more visible on the internet

In this blog article we will highlight a few strategies and techniques you can utilize to increase blog readership and traffic. It doesn’t matter if you run a blog for new moms, a car repair blog, or a marketing blog, these tips can help you grow your reach and increase your website traffic at the same time.

First off, if you start a blog and no one is coming to it to read don’t get discouraged!!! Consistency is one of the MOST important factors of building a loyal readership, only behind providing valuable content. So remember, if no one‘s reading your blog the first few entries, don’t let it demoralize you from writing future blog posts!  Always know that even if not one person ever read your blog, the SEO and indexing benefits of updating a blog regularly make it worth your while from a SEO standpoint.

Let’s give you some context on the Marketing For the Future blog to give you an idea of how long it’s taken to grow our subscribers. We first starting posting articles in November 2011, and received our first email subscribers in the beginning of Q2 2012. Our first blog post was in November, 2011 at which point we obviously had zero subscribers. Over the next year and a half we picked up a few subscribers here and there and at the beginning of 2013 we had just over 100 signed up email subscribers to http://blog.mktg4thefuture.com  Today we are proud to have over 3,500 email subscribers, and we continue to grow our traffic via search engines, social media, and our proven marketing tactics every day. If you stick to the tips we share below you can see your blog readership blossom similar to our blog has since we started back in late 2011. These 8 tips will guarantee you more subscribers, more traffic, and more business.

1)      Be Consistent – Commit to post on your blog at least once a week. This will keep people coming back for more if you are posting relative content and will also help keep your website visible in search.

2)      Provide Useful Content- If you do this then your readers will grow naturally. People will want to share your information and that will result in more traffics and subscribers.

3)      Make Sharing Easy- If you are doing #2 but not making your content easily shareable via social networks you could be limiting your exposure to people who are interested in what you are blogging.

4)      Utilize Plugins – Use plugins on your blog to make sure you are getting the most out of all your available tools. If you use WordPress make sure you check out the All In One SEO Pack Plugin. It can help people discover your blog via search, and result in more subscriptions.

5)      Make the most out of Social – Make sure you are sharing your posts on your social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Doing so can give you an opportunity to reach your current reader base and expand it at the same time. If someone see their friend like your post, maybe they will click through, see what they like and signup. J (That’s the idea at least)

Take advantage of these easy approaches to blogging and you can grow your audience faster than you might think. Remember don’t get discouraged if you don’t get 100 visitors on day 1, and always make is easy for readers to subscribe.(See Image Below)






If you have any more tips on how to expand your audience and get more subscribers let us know in the comments section below.

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