Facebook Ad Exchange Explained…And Why You Should Care

If you are like the standard person, you are probably not familiar with differences between Facebook ad exchange and regular Facebook advertising. The basic concept for Facebook Ad Exchange is that it allows for highly targeted ads to be delivered you’re your customer, across the Facebook Exchange network.

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Facebook Exchange helps you reach people who have expressed an interest through their online behavior so you can reach them with a similar kind of product or service.

For example, if you’re promoting an airline sale to Hawaii, your ad will be more effective if you show it to someone who has visited a number of websites over the past few weeks and has searched for “cheap airfare to Hawaii.”

By using Facebook Exchange, you can target people to see an ad based on other things they have done on the Internet using a demand side platform that you use across other display networks and exchanges.

Here’s how Facebook Exchange benefits you:

1.      High quality reach

  • You can improve the quality and quantity of your reach through real-time bidding on Facebook Exchange, which helps you reach over 1 billion people globally.

2.      Relevance

  • You can use your valuable consumer intent data to expand the reach of your direct response campaigns running on other exchanges into Facebook.

3.      Everything you expect from a real-time bidded exchange, on Facebook

  • All of the features of real-time bidding that drive efficiency for marketers apply to Facebook Ads when purchased through Facebook Exchange.

Facebook Ad Exchange uses real time bidding and utilizes cookies placed on your website that are designed to retarget your customers based on call to actions thy may have (or may not have performed on our website).

You can also remarket to current prospects with Facebook ad exchange. To give you an example let’s use a hypothetical situation where you own a florist location. You have a customer visit your website and look at your flowers, and perhaps even place an order in their shopping cart. Let’s say they didn’t buy for argument’s sake. What Facebook Ad Exchange let’s you do is go back out and target that customer with highly targeted ads (based on your demo’s and web visitors behavior) in the News feed and RHS network. Let’s say he or she did buy the flowers, and now you want to target him/her with advisements of sweets to buy in his news feed, or on the RHS network, that’s possible also.Social Media Marketing

One may ask: This is this different than other web remarketing platforms?

The answer is simple as to why it’s more effective: it’s MUCH MORE targeted then traditional web remarketing. Don’t believe me? Look at the stats below:

Retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed:

·         21X Higher Click through Rate over Traditional Web Remarketing

·         79% less CTR when compared to web advertising

·         Facebook Exchange should be used in conjunction as a powerful way to achieve your marketing objective of increasing online conversions.

Facebook Ad Exchange benefits:

  • Scale: Over 1 billion active users globally, 125M average daily users in the US across both desktop and mobile
  • Volume: 1 billion daily impressions served (December 2012)
  • Optimal objective: Campaigns with direct response objectives off Facebook
  • Formats: Facebook domain ads driving off of Facebook or Page post ads
  • Placements: Right column of Facebook and News Feed
  • Impression view tags: Approved view tag providers only
  • Exchange access: Approved demand side platforms (DSPs) and trading desks According to An Adroll study on FBX:
  • News Feed retargeting had a click-through rate (CTR) 49x higher than RHS and 21x higher than standard web retargeting.
  • News Feed CPCs were ½ that of RHS campaigns and 1/5 of web retargeting.
  • News Feed grew from 0% of our overall clicks to 15% in one month.
  • News Feed and RHS complement one another and result in an overall increase in clicks at a combined lower CPC.
  • News Feed alone doesn’t have the reach or scale of RHS or standard web, and should therefore be used in conjunction with the other channels.
  • News Feed has different applications from RHS. It’s ideal for content marketing and promotions (which can capitalize on social features)
Via     Via http://www.businessinsider.com.au/explaining-facebooks-ad-products-2013-5

Via ttp://www.businessinsider.com.au/explaining-facebooks-ad-products-2013-5

Via http://www.businessinsider.com.au/explaining-facebooks-ad-products-2013-5

Retarget across the web, too

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  1. Yes I’m interested in hearing more about these tools that can not only help increase my volume but also allow me to target people who are already interested in the service that I provide.

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