Featured Application: Pest Identifier for Android

 Arizona Pest Control has launched a pest identification app in the Google Play Android app store called Pest Identifier. The app is designed to help insect enthusiasts and users identify bugs they come across in their homes or environment. Arizona Pest Control says they were inspired to make the app by the lack of public knowledge around common house spiders, and non-threatening insects. They hope to raise awareness when it comes to common pests and provide a service that is easily accessible. They also strive to help bug lovers across the world ID some of the rarest and most rare creepy crawlies.

Wondering how it works? After you download the application form the Google Play Android app store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.agilerocket.pestidentifier) you can take a picture of the bug you want identified by selecting a middle button that looks like a bug with targets on it. Then you send it to professionals inside the APP, after inserting your information such as City and State. You may also select an image from your camera roll to upload in the app and send to the bug experts if you have old pictures of insects. The experts will then send you a response back within 24-48 hours telling you the classification of the bug you have sent in.
The application can be downloaded in the Google Play Android store for free. However, in-App purchases cost $2.99, and each one is good for one bug submission.

Pest Identifier is also equipped with a pest library to browse bugs and see if you can identify them before sending a picture. This app can be useful in situation when you may come across bed bugs, spiders, wasps, bees, termites, ants, or other pests and you want them to be identified by a professional. Sometimes knowing the species of the pest or bug you see can be re assuring to people. Caleb Tennenbaum, Marketing Director for Arizona Pest Control exclaimed “companies, homeowners, entomologists, and educators can all utilize the app to have their bug identified by one of the best insect curators in the world. It’s hard to put a price tag on that kind of knowledge. We think we can be valuable for the end users with the information we are providing”. The App has launched in the Google Play Android store 2 days ago and has already seen close to 500 downloads. So next time you are in a hotel and want to know if you are looking at bed bugs consider using Pest Identifier. Or maybe you have flying ants perhaps? Utilize pest identifier to be sure of what you are dealing with so you can handle it accordingly. Arizona Pest Control is encouraging users to send in clear photos so the identification process can be as seamless as possible.

Pest Identifier is compatible with Android 3.0 and up

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