Common inquiries about Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution

What is Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution?

Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution helps local businesses connect with and engage consumers by showcasing menus, products & services, photos, specials, and other rich content on the web’s most popular sites and apps.

How much time will I need to spend on Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution?

You can choose to spend as much or as little time as your interest and time permits. Account Managers are available to help you set up and maintain your listings if you’re short on time; if you want to control your content yourself, you have full access to the dashboard any time. Either way, you’ll reap the full benefits of our service.

Tucson Marketing

Tucson Marketing

Does Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution’s content work on mobile?

Yes. Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution menus and product & service lists are optimized for mobile viewing. Additionally, we’ll create a custom mobile page for your business so you can display your contact information, hours, menu, and specials-all at no additional charge.

What social media channels does Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution integrate with?

Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution menus, product and service lists, announcements, and photos are published out to your linked Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Will using Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution improve my SEO?

Using Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution will make your menu or list of products and services easier for search engines and publishers to find. Unlike a PDF, which cannot be searched for specific keywords, Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution provides searchable text-based menus and lists of products/services. Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution also gives you the ability to make sure your listings are as accurate and complete as possible, providing more information for customers searching online.

Will Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution create listings for me?

We currently create listings on Google, Urbanspoon, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, YellowPages, Facebook, and Yelp. Some publishers require owner verification on listings—we suggest you claim your own listing on these publishers. Claiming your listings will ensure a speedier pick-up time for your menu and also let you control all the content of that listing. If there’s a specific site that you’d like to be listed on, we’re happy to assist you in creating that listing if it’s with one of our publishers.

Can I put my menu or product/service list on different pages on my website?

You have several options on customizing your menu or list of products and services. You can put a full, customized version on your site using the Website Menu App. This app allows you to choose colors, fonts, and display of a menu or product/service list, which you can place on your website by cutting and pasting code into your website’s HTML. If you have a web developer who would like to customize your menu even further, they can use our API, which allows them to take our raw menu data and parse/format that data on their end.

I have multiple locations, but only one website. How do I integrate location-specific menus or product/service lists onto my site? What about mobile options?

If you have the same menu or list of products and services for all locations, you can embed your Mktg4TheFuture Local Search Solution content directly on your website in the HTML of your menu or products/services page. If you have different menus or product/service lists, you can embed them on the corresponding location page of your website. We can always give your website developer API access to format your content in whatever way is most convenient for you. Your mobile page will be created with buttons that link to your other locations so that visitors can see all of their options in one place.

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