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The Future of Facebook is Here

The Future of Facebook is here and it is called Paper Here at Marketing for the Future we think it’s a total game changer when it comes to how people consume news. In a nutshell: An upgraded Facebook Application that

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5 ways you can increase your Facebook page engagement

Ask your followers a question This is a great way to get your audience to participate and engage with your Fan page. Run a sweepstakes/contest and give away something worth value Holding a contest or sweepstakes can increase your brand

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Utilize Zip Codes in Your Facebook Marketing to Get Better Results

In a previous post we discussed the ramifications of Facebook marketing and how it has changed the marketing environment forever. No other time in history have marketers been able to reach their exact target market in a more efficient, and

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Making inbound marketing work for you

We often get the question, “What is the best way to make inbound marketing work?” Companies that take an aggressive and active approach to both traditional marketing AND inbound marketing see the best results.  What’s the difference between traditional and

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The importance of fan gating

We have been receiving a lot of questions lately about fan gating and the benefits it can have for your Facebook fan page. Here are just a few of the benefits…please comment on this post if you can think of

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