The Simple DO’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing For Business

DO NOT create a business page while utilizing the personal accounts page. In other words, don’t setup a business profile page while utilizing a personal account on Facebook. You should have a separate business page that fans must “like” in order to connect with your company or brand. Don’t invest your time in a personal page that is used for a business that Facebook may delete at any moment. Instead invest your time in creating a professional business page separate from personal profiles on Facebook. It may take more time to gain fans and followers but it will be worth it when you still have your fan page at the end of the day.

This is also strictly against Facebook terms of service and may result in termination of your account. You may have a hard time hitting your ROI if Facebook deletes your account. (Just something to keep in mind).

DO Setup a Facebook Fan page with a Unique Vanity URL that protects your company and your good brand name. Don’t let someone claim a vanity URL that your company can benefit from. A good URL would be Something like . To give you an example, one of the companies we work for uses The company, Arizona Pest Control, is protecting their brand name and also keeping their vanity URL simple and to the point, which is always a good idea on social platforms.

DO NOT post about controversial topics including but not limited to, politics, religion, and other sensitive issues. Remember that your customers are most likely from all walks of life and you need to respect that. Sure it won’t hurt to post a “Merry Christmas!” status update but don’t forget to wish the Jews a Happy Chanukah and keep an even playing field for your fans. Sending updates to customized demographics on Facebook can also keep you consistent with your audience and your status updates.

DO encourage engagement on your fan page. A welcome tab is always a nice way to start engaging with your fans on Facebook to start the conversation and create buzz for your business. Another great way to create engagement on your pages is to ask for input from your fans. If you ask a question in a status update do not get discouraged if you get little response. The important thing is that your fans will know you value their feedback if you are at least asking questions and creating polls. Who cares if no one responds? At least the consumer knows your company is interested in their thoughts and what they have to say.

DO NOT post negative comments about competitors or alternatives to your product or service. Whether it be shady sales tactics, overpriced products, or something else, keep the conversation focused on your company. Who cares about the competition? Your fans are on your page for a reason and by focusing on what you and your company does best will add value to the consumer and go along way. By focusing on what you do best it will help paint the picture for your customer and will let them know what to expect when they use your product or services.

DO encourage friends, family members, customers, suppliers, and others to get involved with your Facebook Fan Page. What are some ways to get people involved on Facebook you ask? Here are a few ideas for you to get started:

  • Internal Contests
  • External Contests
  • Verbal Communication
  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Rewards

DO NOT let your social campaign go unchecked and un-monitored. The worst thing for a company to do when launching a social campaign is to not monitor the campaign 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure that you have a rep available to deal with Facebook messages and twitter updates from customers around the clock. Some of them may need to be dealt with accordingly or you may pay the price, literally. Keep in mind that social media is focused on the long run relationship building (lifetime value of a customer) as opposed to the traditional marketing spectrum. The old model was sending one marketing message out to many people. Now the marketing environment has messages being sent to and from the companies who are desperately trying to send their message out. With social media, companies need to start listening and stop talking so much.

DO have fun with it. There is no one correct approach when it comes to marketing on Facebook. The rules are pretty simple and easy to follow. Here are a few good pointers to get you started:

  • Post relative content that your audience embraces
  • Post useful content and become a resource for your audience
  • Post links to affiliations, organizations, and nonprofits that you and your company are connected to.
  • GO with what works. If one post gets 100 likes and another post gets 2 likes then stick to the post with 100 likes and build from that. Note what your audience finds interesting and what they find boring. Go with what works and ditch the content that they find mundane
  • Network ~ because isn’t that what Facebook is all about?
  • Get involved with local charities and events to sponsor to help build your online community. Helping your community offline is a great way to connect with and relate to your community online.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Offline/Online Marketing integration creates even more momentum for your marketing campaigns. How about adding that Facebook logo to your brochures, billboards, Yellow pages. (if they still exist), TV spots, ETC…

Let me know if you have any other tips on using Facebook for business in the comments section, Cheers!

DO NOT be afraid to jump in and get your campaign rolling to create buzz about your great company!

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